Librarians at Arizona State University are "Academic Professionals", and if on an appropriate track are eligible for Continuing Appointment.

Continuing Appointment is similar to tenure, but uniquely different. According to Arizona Board of Regents policy (also governing Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona), Tenure "creates a legitimate claim of entitlement to continued employment unless the tenured faculty member is dismissed or released in accordance with ABOR Policy" while those employed under a continuing appointment "shall have an expectation that the president will renew their appointment for successive appointment periods, except when such a recommendation is precluded by reason of retirement, resignation, release for budgetary reasons or reorganization, or dismissal for just cause."

Those on Continuing Appointment tracks are evaluated in procedures and timelines very similar to tenure review, using the criteria of
  • Position Effectiveness - Parallel to faculty's "Teaching"
  • Professional Contribution - Parallel to faculty "Research"
  • Service

The standards for meeting these criteria are currently under review for possible revision.