Librarians at Rutgers' three campuses in New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden have faculty status and tenure, and are represented by the AAUP in the same bargaining unit as teaching faculty. The libraries' three campuses operate as one library system, the Rutgers University Libraries, under a single administration.

Tenure criteria are equivalent to teaching faculty, requiring outside peer evaluations and review by the university-wide Promotion and Tenure Committee and the Board of Governors. Librarians are evaluated on librarianship, service, and research. Criteria for librarianship are specified in the contract.

Librarians have ranks that are equivalent to teaching faculty as follows:
Teaching Faculty
(librarians are ineligible for the highest rank)
Professor II (for distinguished senior faculty)
Librarian I (tenured)
Librarian II (tenured)
Associate Professor
Librarian III (tenure-track)
Assistant Professor
Librarian IV (non-tenure-track)
Librarian V (temporary non-tenure-track)
Assistant Instructor