The University of Scranton, Scranton, PA

Weinberg Memorial Library

Are your librarians tenure-track or not?
  • Yes we are tenure-track/tenured. We also hold professorial rank: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor. We typically hire at the rank of Assistant Professor, where successful candidates hold an ALA-accredited Master's degree at time of hire; in order to be promoted to Associate Professor or to receive tenure, a second Master's degree (or 30 additional graduate credits that improve professional competence) must be obtained. Tenure review year is the 6th year of being appointed on the library faculty at the institution.

Do you have more than one option?
  • No we do not.

If tenure-track, how often are pre-tenure librarians up for review prior to the request-for-tenure year?
  • Annually.

Are external peer reviews solicited at any point in the pre-tenure process?
  • No.

Are your librarians unionized?
  • Yes, as regular members of the faculty, we are a part of the faculty bargaining unit.

Are there any mandatory reviews that follow the granting of tenure?
  • No, I do not believe there are.

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